Allow me to help you release old energy from your home


Create homes that

attract 33 % more luck

Also called Healing Homes!


With Earth Healing Acu
& Feng Shui

- Information below.

Have you moved recently and has bad luck been following you ever since?


Or have you been staying the same place, feeling stuck with the same financial or health issues?

Maybe you have heard of "sick" homes or "divorce" homes?


You have tried everything! Maybe it is not you, but your Feng Shui!


That was how Feng Shui knocked on my door (pretty insisting.. )


I found myself stressed, ill, constantly tired and devastated every morning with restless legs - besides a lovely portion of financial issues and lack of success. Despite having 3 jobs, education and a healthy lifestyle.


You might be thinking: "BS" ? To be honest, that is what I thought


When you have hit bottom, you are often the most ready for change.


Have you never noticed spaces, where you feel incredible good and relaxed?

And others again, where you almost fled out the door or had to fight tiredness and irritation?


Surroundings have a massive influence on our bodies, mind and spirit.


Feng Shui is not about having a perfect home, but about creating harmony between your inner and outer home - creating flow, that creates less resistance and helps you find solutions easier. 


It is my passion to make your home stress free. So your health can be at its best for years, while supporting you in achieving healthy and loving relationships and not least financial freedom and success.

Feng Shui says, that the environment accounts for 33% of our luck.

 Changing you bed is a lot easier than controlling and changing your thoughts

Your environment is working for - or against you 24/7 - year around.

What does the session contain?

International - Online session with Earth Healing Acu & Feng Shui

This session is only available internationally - Through Skype or Whatsapp,


I guide you to get a more optimum flow of energy in your home with Feng Shui, and Earth Healing which clears out old and dense energy. The price includes items, that you are instructed on how to place and checked by distance.


Also a space clearing session is included. - Price: 500 Euro - Normal: 550 Euro.