Do you hide your feelings? 💊....and hope the genie never gets out of the bottle? 🤐

Do you hide your feelings? 💊....and hope the genie never gets out of the bottle? 🤐

Unconsciously, we often try to drown out or avoid our feelings after traumatic experiences or when we have been through a tough period of our lives with many challenges and heavy feelings.

I often find some frozen energy/emotions in the sound healings I do. There often seem to be almost like a wall of frozen energy (it may also appear in the homes one attracts with Feng Shui).

Feelings that have never been seen - or digested 😬

Fear of the pain overwhelming you.

But all feelings have an end.

When they reach the surface - it is because you are ready to be free of them, feel them and heal them <3

You got to feel it, to heal it.

Many have formed a thick physical armor and hate being touched. Others are constantly physically or mentally active to avoid feelings of sadness, anger, and fear.

But one uses a lot of effort and energy to keep emotions hidden and gone. In addition, life becomes flat and empty. Without the heights that it can bring, bt being in touch with one's feelings and speaking your truth.

So you're ready to tear down the walls you've got and have your own energy back? And stop running from the emotions? 👣🏃

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Kh Zimon August

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