Places of high energy and abundance

I so often talk about places with a low energy, but while I am in Copenhagen airport I might as well let you in on some if it's secrets😉 it has quite a few positive energy vortexes (Earth Healing) and is build in what is called in feng shui - a golden area.

Which means that it attracts more wealth, the shops do well and stay there for a long time, a lot of stability (never been any terror here), harmonious relationships. Whoever decided to put it here was a genius or lucky 🙄

I'm off to krakow now where the old city center has a lot of the similar energy 🙏 guess where I'm staying. Right on the main square 😎

Stay chill Copenhagen, I'll be back home in a week 😘

#lufthavnen #airport #kastruplufthavn #secret #fengshui #earthhealing #golden #area #travel #centerofhealing #blondeguy #boy #guy #blonde #positive #energy #vortex

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