Love revolution <3

For a long time we have been conditioned to a form of love, that separates us and comes only with conditions (I love you when/or).

The unconditional love that we are, has on the contrary no conditions and brings light to everything.

Will you join me in a return to love!?

Here are some of my favorite techniques that help you discover your own inner love


Meditation should be fun - not scary. It really is about creating a sacred space for yourself each day.


Your mind does not have to be entirely silent for it to work. You do not even have to sit in a specific position for it to work.

It is all about finding what works for YOU!


I meditate at least 15 minutes each day, but after years of practice I can do it in 30 seconds if I need to.

Find all my free meditations here:

Sound healing

Biofield - unique form of sound healing

Sounds waves that are created by tuning forks are used in the energy field /aura field, that surrounds the human body - which creates deep relaxation and other physical and emotional benefits

It is a simple, effective and gentle treatment method
which can create deep and powerful changes


I have for a long time been looking for a powerful tool to supplement Feng Shui & Earth Healing Acupuncture (which often starts a personal and spiritual development)

Aura Balance Soundhealing is that tool - which goes straight to the core and releases subconscious programmes and stuck emotions.

I do sessions online across time and space

Letting go /releasing

Every single of us carries around way too much baggage from our past. Past programming and beliefs that we can learn to let go (relearn - it is natural).

I have been practising the Sedona Method for years and been trained to facilitate others on how to let go.


The basic steps are so simple, that it can be used whenever, wherever - because most moments we do not have time to leave the situation and meditate. 


We can learn to release at the moment, and after the fact. I have released so many old beliefs about myself, life, love and money to name a few - it is like the world opens up in a whole new way without the old filters and way of seeing it.

I combine it with sound healing to increase the effectiveness.

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