What is Earth Healing Acupuncture?

And might it help me?

I have to admit when I first came across the Earth Healing Acu technique (it is mainly known as dowsing) - I thought it was a bit of nonsense.


How on Earth (quite literally) could the energy from deep below the ground like underground water streams affect me, when I was sitting in my 1. floor apartment?


Well, since I had learned Feng Shui already and gotten tremendous positive changes in my abundance and love life, I thought I might as well try it out.


Thank god I did, because Earth Healing has with almost certainty saved my life! At least from a lot of sicknesses and low energy, and a poor sleep no matter what I did!


You use these copper rods to enhance your intuition and sensitivity to the earth energy (I am holding them in the picture).


Today the Earths energy is massively polluted by EMF, radiation and old traumatic experiences. They can easily be transformed into a more harmonic vibration with Earth Healing Acu.

I think of it as a sort of acupuncture for the Earth, which not only heals it but also us, who inhabit the Earth. That is why I have added the Acu to the name.

What might be keeping you from a good night's sleep?

Basically, the energy from the Earth is positive - but in some places, there are stress lines that interfere with your aura field and energy.


The classic form of underground stress is underground water. In Denmark, there is a lot of it, and my entire home is actually built on top of an underground river (I found out later).

Underground water typically makes you feel restless in your legs, makes your sleep worse, creates health issues of different kinds, and can make you feel bloated and put on weight around your stomach no matter what diet you are on and much more.

The energy can come from deep down in the earth, its strength and effect depend on how much water there is. People who sleep in a crossing of underground water will typically complain about very bad sleep, no matter what they have tried of beds, techniques and natural medicine.

When I do Earth Healing, I typically experience that there is some kind of foggy and draining energy in the space, and moisture in the air, even moldy. The plants that you have placed in these stress lines will usually die unless they have spikes (and orchids usually like it as feel).


You may find ants in places with a lot of underground water, and when the stress line is gone, the ants will disappear within a few days.

Many people try out all kinds of treatments and techniques - only to get temporary improvements. Doctors might say that everything is in your mind, perhaps, calling it a "functional disorder", but your intuition knows better. It feels like a miracle when you actually figure out how simple it is and how to solve one's health challenges.


Earth Healing can easily remove these stress lines, it only takes 3 seconds from laying the Healing cure at the right spot until the energy is cured. You will wake up with new energy each morning.

Children, animals, and plants are the best indicators for where there may be issues. What plants thrive in your home and which ones don't? How do your children sleep and do the experience nightmares? Where does your cat typical sleep and where will your dog never go?

Is radiation affecting your Feng Shui and your stress level?
There is no doubt that the man-made radiation has increased significantly over the past few years.
Especially in Copenhagen, where I live there has been a substantial increase in cell phone radiation, wi-fi, satellite communications, microwaves, and the like (and many cell phone towers are placed on top of schools, sighs)
This radiation can affect our body and your life in many ways - some can create more chaos and mess. Others may affect certain areas of your body and sleep. Others can affect your creativity, success, romance, and joy.
These stress lines typically create a lot of stress and overactive "monkey brain", which means that you may experience headaches, feeling physically more stressed - when they hit one's front door, they also affect one's Feng Shui and thus success. They create a kind of rift in one's energy field.
You can move far out into the countryside to places where this radiation is less. But you can eliminate the effect of its energy in one's home, partly by avoiding using the microwave, or completely getting rid of it.
Put your mobile phone on airplane mode at night and turn off Wi-Fi, etc.
Additionally, you can remove the radiation that comes from the stress lines using Earth Healing Acu, by placing a copper cure where the energy hits the home first, thus blocking it.
Are you slowly being "cooked" by electricity?

Electricity is an absolute necessity in modern life - but electricity can also stress the body and affect especially one's mental state. There are a number of electromagnetic lines called Hartmann and Curry lines (named after the researchers who discovered them) that go through the whole earth.

They are not negative by nature and do not affect you outside. But inside, they can cause problems if they hit a power source. E.g. your TV, an electric panel, your refrigerator or something else.

When these lines turn negative, they especially have influence on your mental state according to my experience, and you may feel completely tired when you've been sitting in an energy field affected by a negative Hartmann or Curry line for a long time.

Back when I was working with insurance software, I was sitting and working at my dining room table in the living room, and I could not sit there for more than half an hour or an hour before I had to move away.

I was annoyed and frustrated, tired in my head. Until I discovered that behind me was my electrical cabinet (on the other side of the wall) and a very powerful electric stress line that hit me from behind. Fortunately, when it was cured with a healing cure, the energy got neutralized, and I have been able to work and sit there without problems as long as I have wanted.

As seen in the picture, high-voltage lines are quite critical. It can create "sick homes" where residents have health challenges and I would not recommend staying near them!
You can also get help to remove stress lines created by electricity in your home.

Are there ghosts at home? ;)

It's always a little fun that when it comes to ghosts or spirits, people get extra curious :) There's not much mysterious about it. There can be many energy forms that are stuck, but those most seem to be a bit creeped out about are deceased.

For different reasons, they have not been able to move on to the next dimension. However, the vast majority of people I encounter are pretty harmless and maybe they do not know, that they are deceased and need a little help. This really is nothing to be afraid of.

You are more likely to encounter these kind of energy forms, where there is a negative energy spiral, that creates a dark and heavy energy or where people have lived for many years. Eg. an old castle or farm (yes there is a bit about the talk!)

But again, do not be afraid! It is you who has the power and you have the power to help them get into the light. However, when it comes to spiritual energy forms, I would get a professional to help.
I find that those spiritual energy forms are not interested in leaving either hides or cause minor problems for the family.

My own grandmother came to me, as one of the first I helped, and it was a bit of a shock when I discovered her after a couple of weeks! But it was an incredible healing experience, which it always is. I love to help them on their journey!

Emotional and mental energies are a little different. They are usually created by repeated negative patterns, such as pain, anger and sadness, concern, sadness - all feelings and thoughts that are locked up. If you move in somewhere and start changing behaviour after a previous owner, it may be an energy form of some kind left behind!

You can block these energies with a cleansing daily meditation. I have some free meditations that can help you with this, see more here: www.zimonaugust.com/free-video-and-meditation

Delta energy spirals and deep beta spirals. In Delta Energy Spirals you feel great! :)


Your entire energy system opens up, your health is getting better, you're happier, in short, a place where the heaven meets earth.


It has been known through thousands of years where these delta points are, and you often find churches, monuments and holy places have been built upon them. Delta energy spirals contribute to the experience of "miracles" that can happen in these places.


If you want to try to travel somewhere with many positive energy spirals, it may be recommended to go toe Stonehenge, the Pyramids, the Desert of Sedona in the United States and sacred places and churches dating back to the 1300s.


The heavy beta energy spirals have a very strong downward energy, which tends to pull the worst out in you. Places where there are often conflicts / quarrels and chaos. You can clean up, but the mess will constantly return. Your health will usually be very quickly affected if you sleep or work somewhere with a beta energy spiral.

Almost regardless of how strong your energy field is.


Children will typically experience nightmares, and older children will be attracted to heavy rock, and very dark clothes. Adults are more often affected by depression and have chronic issues with their health.


What creates these positive and negative energy spirals? They are usually created by the meridians of the earth. When they are in a perfect 90 degree angle, they create positive energy and a delta point. If on the opposite they don't meet in a 90 degree angle, they will create a lot of stressed energy. The negative beta point can also be created by a murder happening in that spot, assault or anything else of very chaotic energy.


You can get help to remove the negative beta energy spirals and increase the positives with a Earth Healing Acu session. I am Denmark's only certified practitioner and have many years of experience.