Zimon August

Who hides behind those blue eyes?

The basic information .. And maybe the more interesting :)


HA.IBP from CBS and physiotherapist from Metropol,

Denmarks only certified Earth Healing Acu and Feng Shui expert,

Reiki master,

Owner of a successful company in Denmark called Healing Academy - Superstars Energy


But the true story is, that I hit rock bottom at a very young age. I was sick, depressed and as you can tell, pretty fu... Despite having 3 jobs, education and a lifestyle primed for health with good nutrition and workout.


Just until Feng Shui and spirituality knocked on my door, and finally helped me solve it. It changed my life from being in the rat race and a person that were cut off from the head and down, to a more authentic and happy being. 


I also have a background in the more established system, and have previously added a bachelor in International Business & Politics from CBS and physiotherapist from  PH Metropol to my resume. Besides that I also have a bunch of alternative courses to show, despite my young age.


What I consider my greatest strength today and previously my greatest weakness is my sensitivity. I FEEL everything. It has luckily today become my life path, that I can feel how and when things are in the right spot and cure stressors in the environment. I do believe that you have to live from your heart instead of your head, to find your own true happiness.